What is SKYourself?®

SKYourself® is a groundbreaking energy healing method used to resolve emotional blockages.

With the SKYourself® method, elements of energy, spirituality, therapy, and modern psychology unite to lead the patient through a one-of-a-kind resolution process. Our method takes place in the safe, protected environment of a therapy or healing session, without any triggering or stressful conditions, we are sure to prevent re-experiencing any trauma.

During the SKYourself® method, a SKY-Coach puts themselves into a state of consciousness learned in the SKY-Intensive-Seminar, similar to meditation. This state allows the coach to reach out directly to the subconscious of the client, into levels of information that are just beyond their reach. The client is usually unaware of the negative thought patterns and daunting beliefs that are buried here in the subconscious. But, with the SKYourself® method they can be dissolved and overcome.

This is a truly revolutionary energy healing method best proven by being experienced directly. Clients have reported coming to an inner strength that makes it possible for them to better handle future stressful situations in a new, completely relaxed way. And this resolution of emotional blockages only paves the way to improved physical health.


What happens during a SKYourself® Intensive Training?

Learning this method begins with a short lesson in anatomy, followed by an introduction to the physical meaning of Manomaya-Kosha.

Then the SKY instructor leads a meditation that will energetically activate the Manomaya-Kosha in all of the future SKY coaches. During this initiation students have reported experiencing hot flashes, endless calmness, or seeing vivid images, making associations, witnessing appearances, or receiving messages. After the anatomy, meditation, and initiation, then it is time to start the practical work!

The instructors will demonstrate how even just one SKYourself® session can help to remove deep-lying energetic obstructions and then, with the help of our own template of guidance questions, the SKY students will practice with one another. The SKY instructors supervise, and the day concludes with a reflection on everyone’s experience in the practical application.

Our final instructional application of the method is a deep meditation. This time spent internally applying the method creates a long-lasting foundation for the coaches. Applying the SKYourself® method unburdens your own toxic emotions and patterns. The SKYourself® method creates an opportunity to escape the feeling of powerlessness, it can free you of all future emotional burdens, and you now have the ability to free others, too.


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