Alexandra Deutsch, dentist and participant of the SKY Intensive Seminar said she integrated SKY into her daily practice:
“I am totally pleased. Every dentist should be able to do this. There is hardly any medical practice with as many phobic patients as in our profession. Right after the SKY seminar I made use of my newfound knowledge, and was so surprised how quick and easy it was for me to free my patients of their fears with SKYourself®. My husband, who I have the practice with, asks me to come to all of his fearful patients before he begins their appointments! It makes our work much easier, and the patient’s experience easier, too!”

Alexandra Deutsch also uses the SKYourself® method with her dental assistant trainee, before her exams. We were very excited to receive a grateful phone call saying:

“Because of Mrs. Deutsch using the SKYourself® method, I was totally relaxed during the exam and could concentrate on the questions with confidence and precision, while everyone else was nervously shivering and groaning.”

Dr. Huber uses SKYourself® to de-escalate stressful situations:
Dr. Huber was in line at the grocery store behind a group of young adults, buying enough alcohol for a party, being rude and disruptive. He told us that they were yelling and pushing each other and the other customers were as uncomfortable as he was. When they started headbutting one another he began to use the SKYourself® method. Dr. Huber said he thought the teenagers were probably lonely and neglected. As though a wave was washing over the group in front of him, they all started to shush one another and nudging each other to behave.
Then, one of them turned to Dr. Huber and asked if they were being disruptive, and said they weren’t usually that way. They quietly finished buying their drinks and left. Dr. Huber said that when he turned around all the customers in line behind him were smiling at him.

Annette Bokpe uses SKYourself® during Business Coaching:
A client had a promising business concept and wanted to become self-employed, but she was afraid of the possibilities. Bokpe was working on increasing this client’s awareness of their own capability and potential, but the client continued to doubt themselves. Bokpe offered this client a SKYourself® session and discovered the client’s fear of failure, created in childhood and reintegrated by social manipulation as an adult. Bokpe was able to resolve all of the intense emotional baggage this client was carrying.
As a result, the client is now on their way to implementing their new business plan.

Andreas Busse used SKYourself® to help his frightened pet:
Andreas Busse has a dog named Bobby, and Bobby was very skittish and afraid of loud noises. Busse was going for a walk with Bobby when they walked past a neighbor using a circular saw in his garage, Busse used the SKYourself® method and the dog stayed well-behaved beside him.

Susanna Ullmann helps her friend with her boyfriend woes:
Susanna Ullmann was getting coffee with a friend who was angry with her boyfriend. While she was venting Ullmann put herself into the SKY-consciousness-state and was just about to lead her friend through the SKYourself® process, when her friend’s anger began to resolve. Her friend was able to relax and enjoy a stress-free coffee date with Ullmann.
Ullmann said she has never before known such relief as the SKYourself® method, she has never found such relief in any other therapeutic method, and knows it needs to be shared with the world.

Reports from after a SKYourself® Training:
“During the process I felt like burdens I had carried for a long time were being resolved. I have learned a lot. I have truly never experienced anything like this before.” – Brigitte Kraenzle
“A new era has begun for me. A new attitude, new inner-self is developing.” – Guy Schuetzling
“This really was a powerful experience. I feel freed. The whole atmosphere was absolutely fascinating, to simply be relieved of the pressure I had been feeling for years was really unbelievable.” – Katrin Petermann
“I will for sure integrate this into my practical work. I would even take the seminar again!” – Ursula Hollerith

Here’s what other participants in the SKYourself® Intensive Seminar have said:
“I really enjoyed it and I think the seminar was very effective. I am sure that I can help many people with the SKY method.”
“My huge skepticism has turned into enthusiasm!”
“The resistance I felt at the beginning has resolved, and I am so thankful to have this tool. I am really looking forward to integrating SKYourself® into my everyday work.”
“The seminar gave me the knowledge and security to practice on people and tell them that SKYourself® really changes things.”
“I am thankful for my new, fearless quality of life and this new way of helping people.”
“Thank you for this ingenious present.”
“SKYourself®, certainly, is not only for the spiritually-oriented. This energy work is supporting peace, health, and well-being for humans and animals. With this work Annette Mueller is handing all of us a tool to ensure that there is more health, peace, luck, love, and joy everywhere in our everyday life!”