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Annette Müller

The SKYourself® method was developed by Annette Mueller, the founder and director of the first in-patient specialized clinic for energy healing with the capability for over-night stays in Germany, with its own school for healers: ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT.

SKYourself® is an energetic healing method, without any physical contact with the client. Knowing how to practice this method will allow you to free yourself, and others, from the chains of emotional blockages.

SKYourself® can be learned and applied by anyone.

If you’re still curious about the SKYourself® method, here is what Annette Mueller has to say:
“I came across the basis of this method, which now has developed into the current SKY seminar, while continuing my own education as a healer. And, with SKY, we are gaining results so wonderful, I think the experience and ability must be shared, for everyone’s benefit.”



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Annette BopkeAnnette Bokpe

Known journalist, author, and coach, Annette Bokpe is also a lecturer at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT. Bokpe leads Outreach and Communication and teaches the SKY method.

Anya Gwenn MüllerAnya Gwenn Mueller

Anya Gwenn Mueller works as a healer and actress in the United States. She supports her mother Annette Mueller, founder of the SKYourself® method, with all projects in the United States. For more information, please call: 845 213-7359

Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson brings her wisdom and experience to the SKYourself® seminars. A shamanic practitioner and amazinGRACE® healer, she loves teaching SKYourself® as a way of creating harmony and peace in our internal and external world. robin@robinjohnson.life.
The dates for my next training are: 17-18 November 2018 at Palma de Mallorca, Spain. For more information or registration you can go here: http://robinjohnson.life/contact