SKY Method

Everyday life is characterized by pressure, stress and job requirements that continue to increase. Even kids at school don’t feel able to put up with the growing pressure to get higher marks and the competitiveness. These significant pressures often culminate in despondence, burn out, states of anxiety, depression or other psychological diseases.

Many people carry traumas with them that never come to light but hinder those people to live a healthy and fulfilled life. This does not only include events from childhood that can influence life and health sustainably in a negative way, but also current personal, local, and global happenings.

Additionally, negative dogmas that are deeply embedded in the subconscious can harm and block a person’s freedom of action for a lifetime.

Imagine you are able to resolve all these emotional blockages. Imagine you can help people to live a life of joy and freedom. With SKY, a groundbreaking method of energetic-spiritual healing, this is possible.

  • With SKY you are working only on the emotional level with and in the subtle emotional human body
  • With SKY you can resolve phobias, PTSD, depression, fears, lovesickness, longings and addictions, Burn Out Syndrome and light constraints with an amazingly fast, effective, safe and long-lasting method
  • With SKY you can free yourself and others from the chains of emotional blockages
  • With SKY you can unwind stress loaded situations in everyday life and turn them in a positive direction
  • You can integrate SKY as a professional therapist into your practice.  Anyone trained in the method can use it professionally. You can practice anywhere – SKY can also be used while traveling or on the phone.
  • With SKY you can carry out a deep process of resolution with your patients or clients in your medical office.
  • With SKY you can effectively treat babies and animals.

You can learn the SKYourself method by completing a two-day SKY INTENSIVE SEMINAR.